In the glorious sunshine on Saturday 19th June 2010 Brighouse Bay Trekking Centre held their first Fun Day Show of this year.  The event was open to both Saturday Club riders at the yard plus local horse owners wishing to practice their skills.  It was focused on the riders having a fun time whilst learning show class rules and basic ringcraft.  The day was very well attended and all riders seemed to have enjoyed themselves (and gone home with a tan!).  

Class 1 – Tack and Turnout was well represented with some of the riders preparing their mounts from very early that morning.  The 1st place was awarded to a beautifully turned out Chloe Steele riding “Minty”. 2nd = Kayla Cairney riding “Bart”, 3rd = Amber Wright riding “Waverhead Polo”, 4th = Stephanie Russell riding “Arran” 

Class 2 – Equitation was extremely difficult to judge with a high standard of riding but the judges final decision fell with Laura Butcher, riding “Brighouse Padster”, who had maintained a near perfect position throughout.  2nd = Amber Wright, 3rd = Emma Kirkland riding “Merlin”, 4th = Stephanie Russell.

Class 3 – Fancy Dress was very tight to judge so we passed the decision to the watching crowd.  Emma Bowden riding “Pinocchio” as “Teddy Bears Picnic” came out on top with Amber Wright’s “Motorcyle Rider” as a close second.

Class 4 – Basic Dressage was another highly contested class with only a few marks splitting the first four places.  A near perfect test resulted in Eilidh Nurse and “Craig” taking the 1st place rosette.  2nd = Stephanie Russell, 3rd = Laura Butcher, 4th = Emma Kirkland.

Class 5 – Fun Jumping was split into two height classes.  The riders had to ride between two parallel poles on the floor on approach to the fence and each round the poles got closer together.  A real test of control and line to a fence!

The smaller class finished with two riders managing to get between a small 25cm gap in the poles and still jump the fence clear so both Kayla Cairney and Emma Bowden took home 1st place rosettes.  3rd = Amber Wright, 4th = Fraser Kemp riding “Yogi”

The larger class resulted in the same 25cm gap to finish but to find a winner we had to put the fence up to nearly twice its starting height!  Kali Dalrymple riding “Spirit” just pipped Stephanie Russell at the post by clearing the final fence in fine style to take the 1st place rosette.  3rd = Emma Kirkland, 4th = Chloe Steele.


More small shows are being planned for later in the year and new riders are more than welcome. Please contact the yard for information about lessons, Saturday clubs or hacking so you can forge your equine partnership early.  

Thanks go to Mr Gillespie for the use of his land and the difficult job of judging, and to all the staff and helpers who assisted on the day.  Also to Rosie Chilton for taking some marvellous photos on the day which can be seen at
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